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Out Of Office
  • Out Of Office

    台灣在住法國音樂人Luc Jolivet (又名Norman Bambi) ,除了從事音樂創作外,眼光細膩的他,觀察發現台灣人喜歡把辦公室椅子推到戶外使用,供人閒坐、聊天、下棋或午睡。這些個性外向的椅子,彷彿比一般在沉悶的辦公室勞碌一生的椅子更能享受生活的樂趣,自由自在。Jolivet幾年來的觀察與拍攝,集合成這本可愛的袖珍口袋書。


    《Out Of Office》初版原由Jolivet本人於2021年出版,內含僅8張照片,限量20本。挪石社現今推出這袖珍版,增訂至43幅照片,盡收口袋裡。


    French musician Luc Jolivet (a.k.a. Norman Bambi) has been living in Taiwan for several years. His keen observations have discovered the many office chairs being put outdoor in Taiwan, where people use them for chat or for nap. These outgoing chairs seem to enjoy better life, and more freedom, instead of leading a well-planned but boring office life. Jolivet's amusing chair photos are now collected in this tiny pocket book. 


    The first edition of Out Of Office was self-published by Jolivet in 2021, including only 8 chair photos, in a limited print run of 20. Now nos:books publishes this expanded edition consisting 43 photos, all put in your pocket. 

    • 書籍資訊

      Luc Jolivet

      48 頁

      8.5 公分 × 6 公分 
      限量 800 本
      2023年8月 挪石社出版
      ISBN 978-986-97269-9-3

    • Book Info

      Luc Jolivet

      48 pages

      8.5cm × 6cm 
      Offset printing. PVC cover with hotfoil & embossing
      Accordion foldLimited  800 copies
      Published by nos:books
      Taipei, Taiwan, Aug 2023.
      ISBN 978-986-97269-9-3

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