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Art Basel by Hai Hsin Huang
  • Art Basel by Hai Hsin Huang

    黃海欣作品「巴塞爾藝術展」完成並首展於2019年——全球新冠疫情前最後一次的實體香港巴塞爾藝術展。作品描畫了疫情前的全球化藝術市場盛世。 通過捕捉並编排稍縱即逝的瞬間,藝術家將博覽會的整體形象,形塑成一幅生動的畫卷:一個充斥着觀察與被觀察兩種狀態的社交場合,同時也是一個自我展示的平台。藝術博覽會是呈現藝術本體的場所,更是讓觀眾能展現自我之處。


    此一畫作原尺寸近5 x 2 公尺,本書的編排依比例切割,分頁如同博覽會地圖,讀者猶如置身其中,穿梭於衣香鬢形的藝術盛會裡,看藝術、看人、看自己。


    Hai Hsin Huang's "Art Basel" was completed in 2019 and made its debut in Hong Kong Art Basel in the same year. The drawing depicts the global art market's flourishing and nonchalant period just before the pandemic, conscious but yet half unaware of its acute rendition of late capitalism art fairs and their disoriented crowds. In this drawn fresco, Huang's pencil flows seamlessly with a rare balance between generous strokes and swift critique, and reveals the increasing divorce between art fair and fair art.


    The huge original drawing, approx. 5m x 2m, now spreads across the pages of the book like a map that guides you through the endless booths. You would find yourself looking at art, looking at people, and maybe sipping wine in glittering glamour. 

    • 書籍資訊


      80 頁

      20.6 公分 × 27.6 公分 
      平版印刷,布面書皮絹印 ,線膠裝
      限量 800 本
      ​​​​​​​ISBN 978-986-97269-7-9

    • Book Info

      Hai Hsin Huang

      80 pages

      20.6cm × 27.6cm 
      Offset printing. Bookcloth cover in silkscreen printing.
      Coptic binding.
      Limited 800 copies
      Published by nos:books
      Taipei, Taiwan, Aug 2023.
      ISBN 978-986-97269-7-9

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