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Too Big a Bean for Too Small a Pie 派太小豆太大
  • Too Big a Bean for Too Small a Pie 派太小豆太大

    〈派太小 豆太大〉是藝術家陳向榮的迷你陶瓷雕塑計畫。他為法國傳統甜點國王派 (Galette des Rois) 製作了一系列小瓷偶(la fève) 以供放入派中。 國王派歷史源於古羅馬時代農神節,當時羅馬人在糕點內埋入一顆蠶豆,各個階層包含奴隸皆可一起參與慶祝,吃到蠶豆的人方能成為「一日國王」,享受一日特權。基督教傳入歐洲後,教會將此一傳統與東方三博士朝見襁褓 中的耶穌事件連結,把蠶豆替換成耶穌瓷偶,而在法語中仍以「蠶豆」 (fève)稱之。 現在的國王派瓷偶已經淡去宗教色彩,題材多元,法國人在每年1月6日主顯節前後食用,吃到「蠶豆」者就能戴上紙製王冠,成為國王,享有接下來一整年的幸運。


    限量 200 組,內含 3 件大獎,台灣中獎者可獲手工製作六吋半國王派一個,台灣以外中獎者獲此系列特別版雕塑一件。限量 200 組,內含 3 件大獎,台灣中獎者可獲手工製作六吋半國王派一個,台灣以外中獎者獲此系列特別版雕塑一件。


    Too Big a Bean for Too Small a Pie is a series of mini ceramic sculptures (la fève) by artist Hsian Jung Chen. Les fèves are traditionally found in the French pastry "king cake” (Galette des Rois). The history of Galette des Rois goes back to ancient Rome. During the Saturn Festival, the Romans would hide a fava bean inside a pastry. All classes, including slaves, could participate in the festivities. Those lucky enough to find the bean would become "king of the day" and enjoy certain privileges. After Christianity came to Europe, this tradition was combined with the story of the Three Wise Men from the East who visited the newly born Jesus in Bethlehem, replacing the fava bean with the porcelain figure of baby Jesus, which is still called "fève" in French today. Nowadays, les fèves have lost some of their religious connotation and can take on diverse themes. Traditionally, French people eat the Galette des Rois around January 6. The person who finds the fève can wear a paper crown, becomes king or queen of the party, and is said to be blessed with good luck for the whole year.


    The limited edition of 200 pieces includes three grand prizes. Winners will each get a 6½-inch, handmade Galette des Rois (Taiwan only) or a special_version_sculpture (outside of Taiwan).

    • 資訊

      外盒Riso雙色印刷,9.5 公分 × 7公分× 3公分 

      限量 200組(無重複)


    • Book Info

      Hsian Jung Chen


      Box 9.5 × 7 × 3 cm, Printed by 2-colore Riso 

      Hand-painted mini ceramic sculptures (la fève)

      Limited 200 pieces (All different)

      Published by nos:books. Taipei, Taiwan, Jan 2021

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