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After Art Basel by Hai Hsin Huang
  • After Art Basel by Hai Hsin Huang

    本書與黃海欣Art Basel by Hai Hsin Huang同步出版。


    黃海欣作品「巴塞爾藝術展 Art Basel」描畫了疫情前的全球化藝術市場盛世。而本書則取自同系列的另一組件「 巴塞爾藝術展後 After Art Basel」,描畫了藝術家本人第一次參與博覽會展出,反而無暇以觀眾的身份觀展,但得以觀察華麗舞台背後真正的幕後工作景況,也巧妙地呼應了疫情下的各大藝術盛典被取消的現象。


    此一畫作原尺寸近5 x 2 公尺,本書的編排依比例切割,分頁如同博覽會地圖,惟盛會已然結束,讀者穿梭於其中,與埋首幹活的展覽人員一樣檢拾細軟與心情,不知道這是一年一度的光輝再現,還是當下的藝術已隨流逝去。


    This book is published in parallel with Art Basel by Hai Hsin Huang.


    Hai Hsin Huang's drawing "Art Basel" depicts the global art market's flourishing and nonchalant period just before the pandemic. The sequel, "After Art Basel" happens when the fair ends, when all the VIPS are gone and the place is left with the very important craftsmen of the fair. The glamorous art fair suddenly is filled with busy anonymous figures, bustling gear and oversized crates, which appears to Huang's eyes as a show in itself, a behind-the-scene fair.


    The huge original drawing, approx. 5m x 2m, now spreads across the pages of the book like a map, where you no longer find the orientation as the fair dismantles. It leaves you wander and wonder, at some last moment before an unpredictable future, if it is depicting an annual story or paying homage to a bygone art history.



    • 書籍資訊


      72 頁

      20.6 公分 × 27.6 公分 
      平版印刷,布面書皮絹印 ,書頂刷邊
      限量 800 本
      ISBN 978-626-97591-0-1

    • Book Info

      Hai Hsin Huang

      72 pages

      20.6cm × 27.6cm 
      Offset printing. Bookcloth cover in silkscreen printing.
      Edge coloring on top.
      Coptic binding.
      Limited 800 copies
      Published by nos:books
      Taipei, Taiwan, Nov 2023.
      ISBN 978-626-97591-0-1

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