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Imagine a Flaw
  • Imagine a Flaw

    Son Ni 最新作品 Imagine a Flaw,描寫人被自己的想法囚困,「我思錮我在」的處境。Son Ni的素描作品,看似簡約的鉛筆線條,常跳脫時間空間的局限,在完美無瑕的勾勒之中找尋意外的缺憾。這種缺憾某程度上肯定了,一種人人多少能感同身受的,個人的不完美。 Son Ni最近與nos:books 參與比利時Grafixx Festival展出,此書為大會特別出版的新作。

    Son Ni’s new book Imagine a Flaw depicts the confinement of one’s own mind, and a longing to be free. Son’s seemingly abstract lines often attempt to flee from the restraints of time and space, and look for an accidental flaw amidst sheer perfection. They honour, if not celebrate, a certain personal imperfection that can be shared by many. The book is published on the occasion of the exhibition at Grafixx Festival in Antwerp, Belgium, in November 2022.

    • 書籍資訊

      Son Ni
      Imagine a Flaw
      10.4 x 18 cm
      28 頁

      SPOREN / GRAFIXX出版比利時印刷
      ISBN 9789464514025

    • Book Info

      Son Ni
      Imagine a Flaw
      11.4 x 18 cm
      28 pages
      Offset printing
      Staple bound

      Limited 350 copies
      Published by SPOREN, an imprint of GRAFIXX
      Printed in Belgium
      ISBN 9789464514025

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