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The Sun's Shadow 太陽影子
  • The Sun's Shadow 太陽影子

    像是搭乘高速移動的列車,窗外所有同速行進的東西,都靜止下來。速度劃分了兩個不同的時空,但都往同一個方向前進。Son Ni的新作《太陽影子》,與前作《Travel》一樣,都是試圖到達目的地前的風景。


    本作品曾刊載於法國《Lagon #3 - Gouffre》合集(2017年1月),現增訂出版,獨立成書。

    Like on a speedy train, things moving at the same speed outside the window become still. The velocity divides the two time-space, but they nevertheless go for the same direction. Son Ni’s The Sun’s Shadow, like her previous Travel,  depicts the paysage before the arrival.


    The Sun's Shadow first appeared in the French collective Lagon #3 - Gouffre (Lagon Revue, Jan 2017). Here now is our newly revised and expanded edition.

    • 資訊

      Son Ni
      36 頁

      17.3 公分 × 24.5 公分 

      限量 550 本


    • Book Info

      Son Ni
      36 pages

      17.3 cm × 24.5 cm 
      Two-color risograph, hot foil cover 
      Loop staple bound.
      Limited 550 copies
      Published by nos:books. Taipei, Taiwan, Sep. 2017

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