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Food Pose 食物擺態
  • Food Pose 食物擺態




    此系列陶藝作品,曾於2016年台北朋丁「The Coconut Show — 向榮水果行陶藝創作展」中展出。


    The pottery series “Ice & Juice Bar” is freshly made by Hsian Jung Chen in his studio The Fruit Shop.

    Chen often distills idea into pottery forms of no obvious utility, but yet they go in harmony with everyday life — a “rational irrationality”, as the artist puts it, that exists in life. The modestly glazed pieces carry the reminiscence of colors, forms and delights of many common fruits, and a certain tropical temperament in the nature that inspires the artist.

    In Food Pose, Chen installs the food sets in the kitchen. The food and pottery duo reflects and interprets each other.  

    The original pottery pieces were shown in Chen’s solo exhibition “The Coconut Show” at Pon Ding in Taipei, 2016.

    • 資訊

      28 頁

      13 公分 × 17.5 公分 
      限量 800 本



    • Book Info

      Hsian Jung Chen
      28 pages

      13 cm × 17.5 cm 
      Offset printing
      Accordion fold
      Limited 800 copies
      Published by nos:books. Taipei, Taiwan, Sep 2016

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