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〖BERLIN〗The Calabash Show, Motto Berlin, 2015

The Calabash Show

Two independent publishers from Taiwan, ShenShen Books and nos:books, have arrived in Berlin to showcase their exceptional works and publications at “The Calabash Show”.

ShenShen Books is a traveling art bookshop and an independent publishing label based in Taipei, Taiwan, founded since 2011. They focus on limited edition art books, zines, magazines and prints, bridging connections and conversations of book cultures across Taiwan, Beijing and Europe. They curate book exhibitions as they travel around, including the exhibition in Guangzhou that Vice organized earlier in April.

nos:books is a press publisher founded in 2008. They strive to realize artists’ idea and concept, elaborating them in unique book forms. They publish limited editions of visual artists from Taiwan and overseas. And they have been active in book and zine fairs. Their recent title “Buddha Jumps” was nominated this year for the best alternative comics in the International Comics Festival of Angouleme, France. At The Calabash Show, the two publishers come to Berlin together with several of their artists. The two mortal publishers and their artists are going to present their latest works and publications, and share their thoughts behind the many ordeals of art and publishing.

The show takes inspiration from an ancient mythical story about people entering the calabash for one day for spiritual practice. They left the calabash after many ordeals, without achieving immortality. When returned to the real world, one year has passed.

Publisher nos:books

ShenShen Books 脳神経衰弱 のうしんけいすいじゃく



Eva Lin

Ling Yu Tai

Pei Yu Shen

Son Ni

Ting Cheng

Hai Hsin Huang

Hsian Jung Chen

Kay Jan


Feng b.

Sponsored by

NCAF National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan

The Government of Hong Kong SAR.

Skalitzer Str. 68, im Hinterhof

10997 Berlin

+49 (0)30 48816407


Jul. 31, 6:00-9:00 pm

Live DJ: Dan Raw

Drinks: Motto Bar

July 31-August 30


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