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〖Luzern〗Rebus - Fumetto Comix Festival Luzern

Our artist Son Ni is joining the group exhibition "Rebus" at Fumetto International Comix Festival in Luzern, Swizterland.

Artists: Alex Beauclair (FR), Danslecieltoutvabien (FR), Margaux Duseigneur (FR), Aidan Koch (US), Son Ni (TW)

Concept: Bill Kartalopoulos

Venue: KALI Gallery

Date: 6-14 April 2019

Daily from 10am to 8pm

Reception: Thu Apr 11 at 7pm

Comics have appeared in gallery and museum spaces for years, but they have not historically been created to exist in those spaces. Now, a rising generations of artists has been producing comics work that is influenced by the ideas and aesthetics of art history. Simultaneously, these artists are comfortably creating work for the gallery context. As they begin to produce installation-based work that embodies the formal sequencing of comics, they pioneer an emerging type of comics that exists between the page and the three-dimensional gallery space. REBUS explores what comics made for the gallery—and a gallery made for comics—might look like.


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